Welcome to Family Histories Illustrated!

You have a story to tell. Yours might be of your family’s arrival in America. Or the legacy of education and employment your husband left for your grandchildren. Or your pioneer heritage. Tell us your family story, and we will illustrate it and print copies for you, bound in booklet form. Each work is a custom-designed piece, illustrated in my personal style. We can print as many books as you need, so you can share them with all your family.

How it works:

  • Book a consultation so we can plan your illustrated history together.
  • Gather photos and memorabilia. For example, if your story includes your ancestors’ overseas arrival, you might want to include maps, sailing ships, and clothing of the time period. At our meeting we can talk about the careers, struggles, and challenges they endured. Bring copies of old photos, if available. (I can also draw portraits in ink if the people in your story predate photography.)
  • You’ll see each draft in pencil form before it’s inked for the final illustration, and I’ll work with you throughout the process.

Hi, I’m Jeff Bushman! My career in illustration is extensive, including an MFA in illustration from Marywood University and a BFA from ArtCenter College of Design. I work in all drawing mediums, from ink and colored pencil to watercolor. I’ve taught at Utah County Academy of Science and currently teach drawing and art history at Utah Valley University. I was also nominated on KSL Radio’s teacher feature of the month. Having illustrated and designed book covers, magazine articles, and many T-shirts, I’ve filled over 60 sketchbooks of work. Excited? I am. Let’s get started!





Ancestor Man

Ancestor Woman



1954 Chevy

Oxcart Page




Groves Page 9

Candland Cover

Illuminated Manuscript – Christmas

Illuminated Manuscript – Choose to Go to the Moon

Candland Page 2

Candland Page 5

Candland Page 8

Candland Page 10

Candland Page 18

Candland Page 22

Candland Page 26

Candland Page 29


Bruner, Air Attack


Utah Printers Hall of Fame: Louis Crandall

Utah Printers Hall of Fame: William Godbe

Utah Printers Hall of Fame: Group

Utah Printers Hall of Fame: Dean Wallin

Bruner, Motorcycle

Bruner, Hitler and Girl

Bruner, JU88

Bruner, Nuremberg Burns

Bruner, P38 Interior

Bruner, B24s

Bruner, Portrait Charles

Bruner, Portrait Olga

Bruner, Train Strafed

Bruner, P38

Groves Page 1

Groves Page 6

Groves Page 9

Groves Page 10

Groves Page 16

Groves Page 17

Groves Page 19

Groves Page 28

Groves Page 34

Groves Cover